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Silent Night

Silent Night is a series of photographs of brightly lighted houses in the empty neighbourhoods of L.A. It is Christmas but it feels dark, empty and frightening –quite the opposite of the holiday spirit and festive season feelings, togetherness and joy.

This series is strongly balancing between the real and imagination; even if there are no people actually present, you can sense things going on, tension between the environment and habitants. The “Armed response” -signs make it obvious, these boundaries are not to be crossed. This is where the mind starts to wonder, the questions arise, and imagination mixes up with reality and stories from the media. Where is everyone, inside away from the sight or outside, in the dark? Which is actually a safer place?


The stories building up in viewers mind are the key, the houses seem like innocent Christmas decorated family houses but the feeling in the pictures is something else. It is the glamorous and bright surface that makes the inside seem and feel even darker. It is appropriate to look at the surface but you should not go any further. There is a line, a barrier, you are not allowed to cross.

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